NALAG Shares the Experience of Successful Implementation of the EU Funded Project N4ED with NALAS

9 March 2020

Mr. David Melua, Executive Director of NALAG, Ms. Natya Ghvinashvili, Deputy Executive Director of NALAG, and Ms. Nino Zurabishvili, Expert of NALAG held the meeting with the NALAS member Local Government Associations of South-East Europe in Brussels.

Mr. David Melua, Ms. Marlène Simeon, PLATFORMA Director, and Mr. Kelmend Zajazi, Executive Director of NALAS delivered opening remarks. The overall objective of the meeting was to strengthen the capacities of NALAG to provide services to its members and advocacy efforts at the EU level.

Along with the activities and future plans of the association, the representatives of NALAG briefed the audience on the activities implemented within the framework of the EU funded project “Networking for Efficiency and Development” (N4ED) and spoke about the challenges in this process.

Mr. David Melua made a presentation on NALAG. He showcased the importance of this project, shared NALAG’s experience, and highlighted the role of the association in the process of strengthening the local government.

Other members of NALAS also discussed the activities and challenges of their associations, sharing good practices, and eliminating the existing challenges. At the end of the meeting, strategies and action plans were developed to support the future activities of the associations.