NALAG Conducted the Meeting within the Project N4ED

1 November 2019

The National Association of Local Authorities of Georgia Conducted the meeting within the Project “Networking for Efficiency and Development” (N4ED). Ms. Natya Ghvinashvili, deputy executive director of NALAG, Ms. Nino Zurabishvili and Mr. Kakha Gurgenidze, experts of NALAG, Mr. Andris Jaunsleinis, Member of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) from Latvia and Mr. Maris Pukis, CoE Expert, from Latvia, senior adviser of Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments (LALRG) as well as the representatives of Georgian municipalities and LAGs participated in this meeting.

During the meeting held in Borjomi participants discussed Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) perspectives, CLLD EU practices, ways of CLLD practical application, further strategies in this regard and current examples of citizen participation in local decision making.

Participants of the meeting also discussed application of LEADER in Georgia, institutional mechanisms of LEADER at Locals and legal initiative on LAGs.

Ms. Nino Zurabishvili and Mr. Kakha Gurgenidze made presentations on citizen participation in local decision making and discussed the legislative initiatives.

Ms. Salome Ghonghadze, representative of Lagodekhi LAG, Ms. Nino Markozashvili Regional Development Project Manager of PIN Georgia and Ms. Nelly Revazishvili – Project Manager (RDFG) made presentations during the meeting.

Mr. Andris Jaunsleinis and Mr. Maris Pukis visited Georgia on October 30 and had the meeting with the representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia.

Along with the experts of NALAG, Ms. Mzia Giorgobiani, Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia and Mr. Nikoloz Rosebashvili, Department Head for Development of Local Self-Government and Policy, MRDI also hosted the guests.

Ms. Mzia Giorgobiani informed the guests about the ongoing local and regional development projects in the country and emphasized the involvement and support of the Ministry in the process of their implementation.

During the meeting Latvian experts discussed Latvian experience of citizen participation in decision making, local and regional development in EU, Rural Development Policy in EU, Community-Led Local Development and the role of Local Active Groups (LAG).

As the guests mentioned, for local groups to build credibility and efficiency, it is vital to implement permanent activities on a step-by-step basis. They also mentioned that in this process, it is important to share European experience.

During the visit Latvian guests also met with Mr. Giorgi Tchigvaria, Kutaisi Mayor and Ms. Nino Tvaltvadze, Kutaisi Deputy Mayor. Participants of the meeting provided the guests with information about the ongoing projects in their municipality, they also discussed Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) perspectives and ways of CLLD practical application.